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Visual Studio 2005 Add-In Suite with Sandcastle

- Easy 2 use Sandcastle documentation
- Classdiagram renamer/exporter
- Solution stats
- file types and there count
- Lines of code
- Statistics log and graphical view of it
- FTP upload HTML doc

Uncomming features:
-Classrelation fix in classdiagrams
-Actionlist (split up for each developer)
-Better website publisher

You also need:
HTML Help Workshop and Documentation
Sandcastle - July 2006 Community Technology Preview (CTP)

Let me know if you think you can contribute to this project! fh_kro{nospam}

More info on my blog(look 4 sandcastle or click the sandcastle image):
Sourcecode and instructions etc:


about codeplex:

Working on August CTP fix... but very very very bussy, you are not? sign on to this project

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