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Aug 17, 2006 at 9:29 AM
I think it would be really helpful if you could post a quick start here. What settings must be adjusted before you can run. How to add components to the sandcastle project, etc...

I installed the 1.0.2 version and get stuck. I have a set of library DLL's in one solution, and when I click the refresh button it doesn't load any of them. They all have XML files. I've used the batch file application from Ashley van Gerven to create documentation using Sandcastle.
Aug 17, 2006 at 7:37 PM
Hello Jan,

You need to include the bin folder to your project (right click on folder and select include)

explained here:


Aug 17, 2006 at 8:26 PM
Hereby some more info on what the settings file contain

Somehow the Setup project does remove all linefeeds from the xml settings fil so you have to put them back to make it more readable.

In future version I would like to scan registry for installation paths from Sandcastle and HTML workshop. For now you have to check them yourself. Im very, very, very bussy on regular projects so not that much time to fiddle on this project.

LogFolder, SandCastleConfigFile are default correct (set by setup).

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!CDATA[General settings]>
<!CDATA[Here gets logfile stored (containing linecounts in xml)]>
<LogFolder>C:\Program Files\Overnight Software Solutions\OvernightPowerAddIns\</LogFolder>
<!CDATA[When log is turned on, this is the interval in which a snapshot gets taken]>
<!CDATA[Helpfiles are being created in this folder]>
<ProcessToDir>C:\development\projecten\Visual Studio 2005\Projects\Documents\</ProcessToDir>
<!CDATA[Where your sandcastle app is installed on your local system]>
<SandCastlePath>C:\Program Files\Sandcastle\</SandCastlePath>
<!CDATA[Where your Sandcastle config file is]>
<SandCastleConfigFile>C:\Program Files\Overnight Software Solutions\OvernightPowerAddIns\</SandCastleConfigFile>
<!CDATA[Where your HTML workshop app is installed on your local system]>
<HTMLWorkshopPath>C:\Program Files\HTML Help Workshop\</HTMLWorkshopPath>
<!CDATA[Copyright line placed in your help documents (HTML and CHM)]>
<Copyright>- Frank Kroondijk - Overnight Software Solutions - created by Sandcastle - http://www.overnight.nl -</Copyright>
<!CDATA[Set to true when you want also to create the documentation in HTML format (also index.html created)]>
<!CDATA[ftp settings]>
<!CDATA[Set to true when you want to upload HTML docs after creation]>
<!CDATA[FTP Settings]>

<!CDATA[Values will filled in automatically, but if you whant to use batch xml, you could use them]>
<!CDATA[string added to helpfilename a la: mydll_Documentation.chm]>

<!CDATA[Used for Classdiagram export, diagrams labelt with "Namespace: mynamespace.subnamespace" are exported to given directory and renamed with namespace path]>
<ClassdiagramExportFolder>C:\development\projecten\Visual Studio 2005\Projects\myProject\</ClassdiagramExportFolder>
Aug 18, 2006 at 7:13 AM
OK, thanks. That seems to ensure that the add-in can see the files. And it generates the help files. I still have some things though, which I will add as suggestions to another part of the forum.
Aug 18, 2006 at 4:04 PM
(Copy from email)
Hey, the add in looks nice!

I just installed it, but had trouble getting it into VS2005 because of the location of my Sandcastle and HTLM Workshop installs.

They are both on my D: drive. You mention to verify the paths for these in the XML document, but I also had to update the sandcastle.config file in the OvernightPowerAddIns directory.

This could be unique to me, or maybe I flubbed (that is a technical term) the install, but thought I would let you know in case you need to update the documentation.

Thanks again for the tool! I have not had a chance to use it, but I am looking forward to it.


Thanks for the hint, totally overlooked that one, will fx it in the next release. So for plp having the sandcastle app installed in an other then default dir. you have to adjust the Sandcastle.config file found in the path where you have installed the overnight addin (normally C:\Program Files\Overnight Software Solutions\OvernightPowerAddIns\)